Paint Up

Each game of any kind is preceded by a warm-up time of drinking, joking and of course... painting. This is when you cover your face in a design of white and orange only you can really understand. Not a Letter but feel the need for more paint? If you're lucky (and loud enough) you can get one of the Horns at a Football game.


The Many Eyes of Texas

1) When entering the stadium of any UT sporting event, we sing "The Eyes of Texas" to announce our presence, sometimes followed by a rousing rendition of Texas Fight.

2) Whenever ten or more Hellraisers are gathered, "The Eyes of Texas" will be sung loudly and proudly at midnight.


Running of the Hill

After a stroll down Guadalupe during home football games, we turn down 21st for a faster descent. Line up single file and walk down the middle of the street until we reach Roberts hill, spread out and stop traffic. We run down the hill yelling and don't stop until we hit the gate.