The Longhorn Hellraisers have long stood out among the average fans at Texas sporting events. To show even greater unconditional support for our Longhorn teams, five privileged members paint their bodies with "TEXAS" and two other random members paint their bodies with horns, at all football games, big volleyball matches, and important basketball games.

Through 110 degree heat, 20 degree wind chills, torrential downpours, and driving snow, these Hellraisers bare it all to exhibit their dedication to the horns. The right to participate is an honored tradition with previous letters passing down their mark to a member of their choice upon graduation. Below is a list of the elite few who have held the honor of being a Hellraiser letterman.

Past Letters


Erick Castillo (2015-Present)

Trevor Montgomery (2014-2015)

Dustin Taylor (2012-2014)

Guillermo "G" Hernandez Martinez (2010-2012)

Shane "Dingleberry" Pearson (2006-2010)

Roz "Bluebonnet" Gonzalez (2002-2004, 2006)

Moses "Moesha" Gonzalez (2004-2005)

Brad "Lil' Balls" Hindelang (2000-2002)

Jeremy "Deion" Poloskey (1997-2000)


Connor Digan (2018-Present)

Rylan Veigel (2017-2018)

Nick "Dolphin" Dauphin (2015-2017)

Jon Paul Perez (2013-2015)

Emil "Hamburglar" Zawatski (2012-2013)

Damon Foster (2010-2012)

Ross Nichols (2008-2010)

Nick "Pinto" Olivier (2007-2008)

Brian "Lil B Ehler" (2006-2007)

Luis "Lord Helmet" Martinez (2005-2006)

Christian "Zima Bitch" Deitering (2002-2005)

John "Mini Wench" Strohmeyer (2000-2002)

Matt "Kiki" Harrison (1999-2000)

Johnny "Tire Iron" Brashear (1997-1999)


Peter Kishler (2019-Present)

Mason Staes (2018-2019)

Michael Campos (2017-2018)

Michael Dwyer (2015-2017)

Ethan Johnson (2012-2015)

Michael Urbano (2010-2012)

Jason "Helen Keller" McDonald (2009-2010)

Braden Brown (2008-2009)

Jack "Lady" Frink (2007-2008)

Randy "Bubbles" Bogard (2005-2007)

Daniel "Weeman the Oilcan" Russo (2003-2004)

Jimmy "Donkey" White (2002-2003)

Chad "Goodwrench" Hanak (2001-2002)

Larry "Cornbread" Albers (2000-2001)

Jimmy "Crossover" Romell (1997-2000)

Chad "Nasty" Newsom (1993-1997)


Austin Decker (2018-Present)

Trey "Shrim" Walton (2015-2018)

Drew Roche (2014-2015)

Travis Grimme (2011-2014)

Paul "Per-Vert" Alvarado (2011)

Lance Demontiero (2008-2011)

Scott Hartt (2007-2008)

Mickey "Cletus" Roberts (2006-2007)

Brian "Digit" Stover (2004-2006)

John "Leslie" Hyde (2003-2004)

Patrick "Sonic" McMahon (2001-2003)

Brian "Wench" Kaucher (1998-2001)

Steve "Cock n' Balls" Herzfeld (1994-1998)


John Craig (2017-Present)

Cooper Latimer (2015-2017)

Madison Ford (2013-2015)

Matthew "Jerk Off" Prenzler (2012-2013)

Michael Guidry (2009-2012)

Kenny "MacGyver" Darmer (2008-2009)

Tyler "My Little Algaeface" Arrington (2006-2008)

Justin "Muppet" Nall (2003-2006)

Bobby "Bad head" Nall (2002-2003)

Sean "Burger King" Bourgeois (2001-2002)

Garrod Huebner (2000-2001)

Matt "Bosco" Preece (1996-2000)