About Us

If you don’t already know who the Hellraisers are, then you may recognize us as the guys and gals who are all painted up and ferociously screaming in the stands.

More formally however, we are a student org here at UT that serves to support all UT Athletics by creating an exciting and winning environment. 

The Hellraisers were started in 1988 when the UT Football team had finished the season (4-7) and spirit at the school was at an all-time low. Two UT students saw a problem with this. A team who at the time had won 3 national  championships should not have a problem getting fans. These students made it their mission to give UT football the support they deserved.

30 years later, we continue the tradition of supporting UT football by coming early, staying loud, and bleeding burnt orange.

However, we don’t just do football anymore, you can see us getting crazy in the stands at many other sporting events including basketball, volleyball, soccer.